The Côte des Bars offers a landscape quite different from that of the north. The vines are planted on hills with steep slopes enjoying lots of sunshine and efficient evacuation of rainwater.

The soil

Our soil is mostly limestone (chalky marl and limestone) and clay, which promotes drainage and gives champagne its very particular minerality. The Côte des Bar soil (Bar-sur-Aube and Bar-sur-Seine) is ideal for the cultivation of Pinot Noir.

The topography

At 150-180 meters above sea level, our rolling hillsides formerly known as “Les Côtes à Bras” offer ideal sun exposition. Their slopes facilitate the flow of excess water.

The grape varietals

True to our terroir and our preferences, we reserve the place of honor for the Pinot Noir grape, which covers most of our vine parcels.

The sun exposure

Our hillsides have always been ideal for planting vines because their slopes benefit from rays of sunlight superior to that of the surrounding plains. In addition, the majority of these enjoy a south/south-east exposition. In the seventeenth century, Champagne was also called “wine of the hillsides”.


In this southernmost part of Champagne, not far from the vineyards of Burgundy, the climate is oceanic-temperate, the calcareous brown soils are rich and the steep topography affords a full ripening of the typical grape of this region, the Pinot Noir.


Owner of plots of vines in the heart of the Côte des Bar, Stéphane Lombardi, Négociant Manipulant, ensures that from blending to bottling his cuvées will respect the style of champagnes he likes to share.

Champagne Lombardi

Grande rue, 10110 Balnot sur Laignes

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